Continuous delivery of your software

Empower your development team with an efficient delivery pipeline.
Save months of work and maintenance for your
continuous integration and delivery pipeline.

Custom infrastructure to support tiny startups to large corporations.
Focus on your business, power up your agility, get your running integration and deployment pipeline now!

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Save months of DevOps work

Help your organisation closing the gap between legacy and container based systems

Getting an efficient CI/CD pipeline can takes months to setup and tweak, based on our experience we propose an already integrated pipeline that will adapt to your specific business and development process. Our solution is based on Open Sources tools, so you get improvements from the community!

Unify all your developments tools on one platform: JIRA, XWiki, Nexus
Platform for managing full development and operation cycle
Dozen of containers running on Kubernetes with tested updates
Provides an industry proven release process to developers and operators
A web front administration panel for user management system

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DevStack platform features

Git versioning

Adopt the best git workflow for your development process, get the full pipeline tailored on this workflow, manage your configuration as code and deploy new application form a git push --tags

Build server

Integrated with the build server of your choice: Jenkins, Bamboo, Gitlab-CI. Our system enables you to use Pipeline as code and test using container pools

Hybrid Cloud

DevStack can run on any cloud and allow you to attach and extend to any cloud, the deployment system become the core of your infrastructure

Images repository

A simple integrated repository server for source code builds, including Jars, Python eggs, Ruby gems, Vagrant and Docker images

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